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Wednesday, April 28th, 2004
4:28 pm
ilove hottie! but more so kelly because she is damn fine.
Tuesday, April 20th, 2004
3:11 pm
Rob is so damn fine seriously, i hate boys though because when u get involved as a girl at all then its fucking all down hill from there. God..i hate worrying about what is he thinking etc.. Like he says that he likes me, and that i have pretty eyes, nice smile etc but i dunno if he was just saying that though. I mean he says that hes only slept with 1 girl, but whose to say that its been more and hes just not telling me about it. And how he doesnt randomly make out with girls randomly when hes out partying and stuff, but some guys just say things to get girls in the sack even though i want him soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo baadddddddddddd!! Argh!

Tuesday, April 13th, 2004
1:12 pm
sooo good
so i met a hottie, his name is rob and he is so damn fine. Everything about him i want to rape! SO hot, so cute,smart, funny, snowboarder!!! And the money he makes is pretty hot too! Wow so amazingly hottttttttttttttt!! Hopefully I can rape him soon! Just kidding im not the hoe here it is Kelly, oh yes indeed!!

bye bye
Sunday, March 28th, 2004
3:17 pm
A ball of poo
Life bites you right in the ass at the worst moments,IM so angry and frustrated wiht my family, especially my dad that I was considering moving out. Im fed up with the bullshit that I have to put up with on a constant day to day basis, like when will they learn to shutup! I cant deal with the bull anymore. I love them all but I can't live with them. Anyways this sucks ass, big time!! Kelly if your reading this, I am so getting that thing done, FUCK all rules! Im gunna be a rebel!

bow biw boiw
i love chinese food!!!
lvoe kim
Wednesday, February 11th, 2004
4:42 pm
its been a while..
so i havent had the internet for a very long time, so i havent had a chance to write in this thing. I have been working tons and i actually work in the next half hour, my life is still fucked up royally especially with the incident with ryan/erin bullshit. I feel like such a fucking bitch, but alls well because sooooo funnnyyyy jeremys new gf thingy totally made up this apparent bf she had b4 for like 3 years, and its all a LIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE MWWHAAAA!!
cant wait to go to hemlock
my head hurts also
bye bye
i love u kelly :P streakage on friday ( we will screw up amandas hair on purpose jk!!) love me!
Tuesday, December 9th, 2003
10:27 am
So i am accepting pure and utter failure this evening in my history exam, seriously 333333 exams in 3 hours, omg im going to DIE! Have to go study now, though it wont help much, because im going to fail anyways.... :'( its death i tell you, death.....

Thursday, December 4th, 2003
6:19 pm
Fattys burnt perogies
So another day in smelly pulp mill land, it seriuosly so nasty here it makes me feel like death! Well at least i only have 6 days starting tommorow before this living hell is done and over with, i cant say that i didnt enjoy anything here, i mean i became friends with linnnndssseeyyy yay! and better friends with kelly, whom i apparently steal juice from. And besides the fact that i want to murder certain family members ALL of the time, i really enjoy spending time with my aunt :) And i also like how i took part in kelly meeting craig in the first place, by dragging her to that party, lol she has a lot to thank me for ;) Wow dont i just feel damn special, this damn house smells like damn BURNT perogies all because of me yipppeedooodaaaa!!
Monday, December 1st, 2003
1:39 pm
Kissing Tonsils
Okay so i went to the doctor today and was told my tonisls are so large that they are nearly touching. And she asked if i had a history of tonsillitis...which i dont. She took a swah from my tonsils to get sent in to be tested, to see if ihad a mild case of strep throat or whatever. I just really hope my "kissing tonsils" get better before Mexico because that would suck some major ass..the fact is i will probably get sick from their spicy food anyways..i dont dont need a sore throat as well. Oh man, keira told me the other day about jeremy wondering if she would have sex with her!!! Can you believe it??? And he wouldn't believe kort when she said NOOOOO, what a cocky fucking asshole! Now you can see why i hate the male species sooo much at this time in my life, because all im aware of is the biggest asshole horny bastards in the world, i wonder if there is any genuinley nice guys out there who think of other things other then their penis's getting satisfaction. Someone please shoot me in the head, yea thankks that would be awesome.
Thursday, November 27th, 2003
12:24 pm
What do people really think about you? by Raven319
favorite song
Parents thinkYou're an angel
Strangers thinkYou need a makeover
Friends thinkYou need a fuck buddy
Created with quill18's MemeGen!
12:10 pm
Definition of LOSER: people who spend all of their time trying to think up witty 4-page comments on the way other people should run there lives. Honestly, don't these people have anything better to do, then sit at home and stare at their computer screen for hours at a time, typing up "intelligent" insults towards people whom they don't even know, or would ever have the chance of meeting because they are absolute, useless scum on the bottom of the ocean, sucking on the lives of others because they have no life of their own to dissect. Let alone a sex life to worry about. Fucking losers.
Wednesday, November 26th, 2003
12:38 pm
Life Bites
Well this is my first time writing in this thing, and i dont really know what to say but..my life sucks! I found out today day that i did shitty on my history paper as expected, and im doing shitty and everything else so...living in this shit hole does definitley not help matters either! It's like death i tell you, and i can't even fingerdance to make things better because im mad at that cunt! :) no she's really not, but she is acting like one that is for sure. Fucken creeper should die, what a creeper oh man, prince george is such a fuckin hole for disgusting creatures to dip their greasy heads into..... I NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS HELL HOLE!!!
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