kim (kiimmii) wrote,

Fattys burnt perogies

So another day in smelly pulp mill land, it seriuosly so nasty here it makes me feel like death! Well at least i only have 6 days starting tommorow before this living hell is done and over with, i cant say that i didnt enjoy anything here, i mean i became friends with linnnndssseeyyy yay! and better friends with kelly, whom i apparently steal juice from. And besides the fact that i want to murder certain family members ALL of the time, i really enjoy spending time with my aunt :) And i also like how i took part in kelly meeting craig in the first place, by dragging her to that party, lol she has a lot to thank me for ;) Wow dont i just feel damn special, this damn house smells like damn BURNT perogies all because of me yipppeedooodaaaa!!
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