kim (kiimmii) wrote,

Kissing Tonsils

Okay so i went to the doctor today and was told my tonisls are so large that they are nearly touching. And she asked if i had a history of tonsillitis...which i dont. She took a swah from my tonsils to get sent in to be tested, to see if ihad a mild case of strep throat or whatever. I just really hope my "kissing tonsils" get better before Mexico because that would suck some major ass..the fact is i will probably get sick from their spicy food anyways..i dont dont need a sore throat as well. Oh man, keira told me the other day about jeremy wondering if she would have sex with her!!! Can you believe it??? And he wouldn't believe kort when she said NOOOOO, what a cocky fucking asshole! Now you can see why i hate the male species sooo much at this time in my life, because all im aware of is the biggest asshole horny bastards in the world, i wonder if there is any genuinley nice guys out there who think of other things other then their penis's getting satisfaction. Someone please shoot me in the head, yea thankks that would be awesome.
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